This is IMy name is Nitzan Brumer, I live in Israel, and this is my blog, the content here is mostly in Hebrew and therefore you probably can't understand it. If you got here through a trackback or a comment I've posted in your site – that’s O.K, I'm not a spam bot, I'm completely human. If my trackback looks like gibberish (or as question marks) that’s because most of the web platforms (such as wordpress and other) don't know how to translate the Hebrew characters correctly.
I'm interested in computers, gadgets and motorcycles, so it's likely that if we share the same interests you hit a link somewhere that brought you here and that little British flag or "English" caption caught your eye.

N.Z.B – stands for the initial of my name. NZB is also a file format for retrieving posts from Usenet servers – commonly use for "illegal" downloads of movies, programs and other nice things that makes RIAA, MPAA and other get mad.

So, if you searched information about the Usenet and got here check this links: here and here, or – go back to google.

Nzb is also the home of the "Neue Zurcher Bank" which is located here.

If you wish to contact me you can email me, also, you can find me in the net hanging around this places:



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